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Maastary is a HubSpot Certified Partner

Maastary a HubSpot certified partner

Retail Industry Trends and Technology Business Drivers


Deloitte predicts that in 2011, 25 percent of North American big box and anchor tenant retailers will begin offering free in-store Wi-Fi access to shoppers. In 2012, the proportion should continue to rise in North America and start to spread around the world - see

IDC recommends retailers consider adopting immersive shopping technologies as a path from traditional retailing to omnichannel shopping. They have a great Immersive Shopping Experience Technology Adoption Map graphic - see

Key Issues/Business Drivers:

- Maintain margins despite tight economy; optimize supply chain

- Avoid stock outs on in demand goods, improve responsiveness to trends/opportunities

- Compete aggressively with volume, category and convenience competitors

- Cost effectively educate consumers (mobile, digital displays, wands....)

- Satisfy demanding consumers and integrate their buying experience across channels

- Deal with regulation and compliance

- Optimize costs including IT

- Seek profitable expansion opportunities

- Manage online reputation risk


Trends Affecting Retail Businesses:

- Mobile marketing and social media

- Flat panel displays are at an all time low cost

- Demise of some larger chains

- Economy driven changes in consumer buying power and behavior; slow recovery

- Reinvigoration of credit card purchasing

- Stop'n'Shop are experimenting with shopping wands




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