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Under the "Industry Drivers" tab we provide summary information about key issues that drive the technology requirements of target industry sub-segments and any key trends that affect your sales.

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Industry trends, technology business drivers and b2b segmentation

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We hope the Maastary industry driver pages will become your resource for quickly identifying the key drivers for your business within your target market segments. Bookmark this page and come back often. And please let us know how we can make the following pages more helpful.

Our article "Seven Steps to Creating Successful Targeted Messaging", describes key steps to help you focus your marketing efforts, define your target audiences and determine your the business value proposition for each of your market segments. Specifically we recommend:

·         Considering a sub-segment focus - getting to a greater level of specificity

·         Creating a b2b segmentation plan that meets both your marketing and your sales needs

·         Using the business drivers and industry trends in this section to identify sources of true business value for your products and/or services

·         Building personas for the key members of your target market segments and creating targeted messaging to address each of the major issues and concerns where your technology can help.

One important key to successful inbound marketing and driving the right traffic to your website is content-relevancy. By understanding their current and upcoming issues, you will be better able to focus your messaging and attract the attention of your target audience.

List of Industry Drivers/Industry Trends covered

(New industries and sub-segments added frequently. Check back or email us for more information)

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