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Effective Sales and Marketing: 5 Steps to a Great Presentation


Effective Sales and MarketingHow many of us have been is a situation where our presentation fell flat, draining the energy of the audience, especially when we are given the after lunch spot or have to deliver the last presentation of the day? One thing that virtually every marketing person has to do is learn to give  a great presentation.  In a 3 minute video on giving an effective presentations Nick Morgan, CEO of Public Words, lists 5 steps. Here is my outline of what he said, and a link to the video.

Before you start think about the needs of the audience. What will keep them engaged instead of looking at their Blackberry or iPhone? Also think about the fact that you'd like to get good marks for your presentation. These days, your performance can easily end up being commented on, or even voted on, on social media sites. 

  1. Tell a story. People remember and connect to stories. Stories evoke emotions, emotions enable memories. Chose one of five common story frameworks and structure your presentation around that.
    • Stranger in a strange land – for a new competitive landscape or impact of a new technology or tool
    • Let's beat the competition
    • Love story- for a product launch it also might help to add some humour hear (yawn...)
    • Rags to Riches - hard work pays off with success
    • The Quest - in search of something important - e.g. finding a new market segment and a way to grow your company revenue
  2. Draw your audience in quickly. Don't use an agenda. You have 1-3 minutes to engage them.
    • Use a factoid that grabs them, or a question that makes them think e.g. How will you know that your audience is engaged?
    • Or start telling the story in a way that relates to them
  3. Explain the threat - why should they pay attention? Spend as much time explaining the problem as how to fix it.
  4. Outline the solution - how can you help them? Limit your solution to no more than 5 steps.
  5. Get them to do something about it. Ask them to
    • Write 3 to-dos
    • Develop an action plan
    • List what they are going to do when they get home

Here's a link to the Create and Effective Presentation video. What other links - internal and external could we add? Is there another good reference, perhaps a blog about public speaking?

How do you engage with your audiences? What techniques have worked best for you? Let us know.


This is great stuff, Tom. I also did a post on the subject a while back, hope you find it useful.
Posted @ Friday, April 15, 2011 1:31 PM by Michael Troiano
good information
Posted @ Wednesday, July 13, 2011 1:46 PM by jackie
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